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High quality  and durable poster and mounting boards for multi-media projects and presentations in a variety of popular sizes.

Calligraphy Paper

Product Details

Prod # Size White Per Pkg
#8000 9″ x 12″ White 50
#8100 11″ x 14″ White 50
#8150 18″ x 24″ White 25
#8200 9″ x 12″ Gold 50
#8300 11″ x 14″ Gold 50
#8350 18″ x 24″ Gold 25

Product Overview

Acid-Free Neutral PH
Traditional antique gold and white parchment suitable for pen and ink, brush media or calligraphy markers. Ideal for creating formal certificated or diplomas as well as personal greeting cards. This paper produces characters with well defined edges for that professional look.

Calligraphy Paper- Color Assortment

Product Details

Prod # Sheets Per Pkg
#8250 50

Product Overview

Acid-Free Neutral PH
A high-quality 60 lb., parchment paper. The mottled surface is ideally suited for pen and ink, calligraphy and brush media. This paper produces characters with well-defined edges for that professional look.

Excellent for creating personal greeting cards and formal certificates. This assortment contains 10, 9 x 12 sheets each of FIVE (5) different colors: Antique, Gold, White, Sky Blue, Pink and Natural, for a total of 50 sheets.

Poster Board

Product Details

Prod # Size Sheets Per Pkg
#4000 11″ x 14″ 100
#4010 22″ x 28″ 100

Product Overview

Deluxe fine quality white poster board , 14 ply clay coated neutral PH board stock with matte finish. White on one side. The surface is excellent for all oil or water-based mediums.